Send Kurt Metzger Your Sex-Related Questions!!!

Kurt Metzger is the man I was slated to marry in July 2003. We dated for something like 5 or 6 years, I can’t even remember. We met at the Art Institute in Philadelphia and moved to NYC roughly around the same time. Kurt is a superbly talented writer and stand-up comic. He’s got probably the best ideas of any comic I know for jokes and stories and he is also a great artist, which a lot of people don’t know. I can say without bias that he is my favorite comic in the city. Other comics I like a lot are Travis Poston, Jim Norton and Debbie Shea.

Anyway, Kurt is working on a blog and I read it and like everything he does, it’s very, very good. It’s called “Kurt Metzger Talks To Young People About Sex,” an idea which was taken from a book called “Ann Landers Talks To Young People About Sex.” It was a hilarious and ridiculous book filled with phrases like, ‘heavy petting’ and ‘going steady.’ We were walking through the streets of Philly one night when we came across the Legendary Wid, a semi-famous prop comic who mostly works out of Philadelphia. He was selling some of his stuff out of the back of his station wagon and we bought a bunch of books from him. If anyone knows or sees the Wid and talks to him, please tell him Jessica Delfino says hello.

Kurt is looking for people to send him letters about sex. Write him your questions, letters, queries, etc. You can write him real questions or write whatever you want to write to him. If your letters are good for what he’s doing, he will answer them in his classic sharp-tongued and sarcastic, abrasively clever manner. It would be quite a treat to whoever’s letters he answers because he’s so damn funny.

Check it out:

Email your sex questions to him at

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