Special Thank You To Cincinnati Kevin

Hi Kevin. Jessica Delfino here, writer and creator of Jessy Delfino’s blog. On New Year’s Day I came in around 4:45 am. I was drunk, I admit it. I was even a little stoned, I think. As I was walking into the apartment building, the doorman handed me an immense pile of mail. I dug through the mail and among all the pieces of shit mail and bills I’d gotten, I found a tiny white envelope addressed, Project 25. Now, this isn’t unusual. I recieve Project 25 envelopes every single day, sometimes so many, I have to ask neighbors to help me to carry them into my apartment in a wheel barrow (is it wheel barrow or wheel barrel?). But this envelope was special, as it was return addressed from Cincinnati Kevin. My heart soared with joy and delight at the fact that one of my regular readers had taken a moment to send me a quarter. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the bottom right hand corner of the envelope had been torn open, and the quarter was gone.

I got sad, but only for a second, as you see, dear readers, and Kevin, Project 25 is a metaphor. Of course I love quarters, and who doesn’t? And of course I need quarters, and who doesn’t? But, even more than loving and needing quarters, I love and need for everyone in the world to love and need me to make art. By sending the envelopes in, quarterful or quarterless, I get a better picture of how many art lovers there are in the world and, even more important, how many of those art lovers want me to make art.

Every quarter I get goes into a big jar and every envelope I have recieved gets put into an album. When the project is complete (when I recieve 3 million quarters) I will take the quarters down to the bank and cash them in for a 3 million dollar bill. One of the first projects I am going to do is turn the album of envelopes into a book. Cincinnati Kevin, you will be in the album. Way to be a part of history! And thanks for making me happy first thing on New Year’s Day.

Hope you all had a chance to smile on New Year’s Day and if you didn’t, don’t worry about it. Smiles are only temporary anyway.

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