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Johanna Buccola’s blog

Ned Vizzini’s Website:

My comic writer pal Joe’s Website:

Johanna is a good friend of mine who helped me a lot with my show at UCB. She is a very talented and funny performance artist who does really great characters. When we get together, we laugh a lot and talk about how stupid boys are. Having Johanna for a friend is kind of like being in 7th grade all over again. I like that about her. She and I will be together in the O’Debra’s naked slumber party show in March at Collective Unconscious. She is also always at Bowery Poetry Club every Monday night at 10.

Ned Vizzini is a friend of Touching You. I think it’s really funny that he hates Touching You’s music so much, because it is actually good music in my opinion, but I like that he trashes him about it. Ned writes novels and he is young so I think it is cool that he is an author at such a young age. He is cute, too. I think he and my sister would be a nice couple.

Joe D’Allegro is a long time supporter of everything Delfino so I love him for that. He helped me a lot with my one person show also, and we used to be in a writing group together that didn’t really get too far off the ground, but that’s the way things go sometimes. We met at Believe Chicken and have been friends ever since. He writes funny, dark cartoons and short essays and I am a fan of his work. He’s also creepy in a really sweet way, and I always like people like that. Like Todd Montessi.

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