NO MORE WAR this weekend

I went to the war protest in NYC with my boyfriend Christopher yesterday. We went with the intention of videotaping me sing “No More War” while the war protest was going on around me. We taped it in a few different sections of the protest, with cops behind me and people totally ignoring me, or people gathered around taking photos, and people making faces at me, etc. Later when I watched the footage, I looked so stoned (which I was - you don’t go to a war protest sober) and everyone around me looked confused and bored. It is a nice addition to my growing dark dirty folk rock music videos series.

After the war protest, Chris and I went down into the subway and played guitar and sang songs together. We were at the 6 at Astor Place, 2nd Ave F, and a few other brief stops in between. We made over $50, which Christopher says he thinks is a high estimate, but I kept count the whole time. He had a sign that said, “Starving Artist seeks day job.” Lots of people loved the sign and read it, then gave us money, but I don’t think anyone offered him a job.

We saw a lot of people through out the day who we knew - Liam M., George, Ann, Harry (Vox), I saw my old pal Greer Barnes, a few nameless faces who I swear I’ve met enough times that I should know their names by now, and we made a few new acquaintances as well. When we finally emerged from the depths of hell, it was raining. We walked back to Brode’s, drunk and stoned (which makes getting rained on for ten blocks a lot less annoying) and I fell immediately asleep.

Friday night’s show at Collective, “Naked Slumber Party”, hosted by the O’Debra’s and featuring Johanna Buccola, Black Cat Burlesque and myself went over very well. The video footage we played was well-received, especially Christopher’s super dark rendition of what goes on when four girls get together for a naked slumber party. I won’t go into too much detail because there is so much in it, but some things include killing Big Mike, piercing our vaginas with screws and getting the electric chair. He drew it all by hand, and it is really lovely, and bloody.

After the show, I caught a little bit of a show at Piano’s. I specifically wanted to see one act called “AQUI.” They played at the Madagascar Institute benefit a few weeks ago and floored me. I love the lead singer, who calls herself “Stefonic” and I don’t know if that’s a stage name or not, but she’s really engaging and enchanting. SHe’s one part Nancy Wilson, one part Patty Smith, one part Karen Black, a few metal stereotypes and a cool hair-dye job. Not since Michael Portnoy have I seen someone that dymanic on stage, and I don’t know if I can think of another female front as magnetic as Stefonic. They’re great. They will be big at some point.

I’m going to be in Florida for a week at the end of the month. I don’t really want to go, but my family is down there and they are busting my chops to go visit. I hate Florida, I don’t want to travel, I have no money, I don’t want to go a week with no gigs, I am scrounging money for food, (playing in the subway, etc.), I am supposed to be moving into a new apartment on the first of April with a dwindling cash supply I borrowed from a friend, and I still am not sure how I am getting down there. But none of that seems to be important to my family. All that is important is that I get down there. I spoke to my sister and told her that Amtrak tickets are $20 one way, and suggested she come to NY instead. She said, “I am in school, Jessica! I can’t just take a week off of school and work to go to NY.” Interesting. I can relate. My aunt says, “Come to Florida. Maybe we can talk you into staying.” They are a cult. So, the point is, while I am down there I am going to be looking for things to do to keep myself from fighting with my family members because I am kind of pissed at them for ganging up on me and insisting I go down there, though I can understand that they only miss me and I miss them, too. If you live in the Tampa area, especially if you own a bar or are friends with a club owner, if you have a recording set up on a Mac or are friends with people who own a studio, let’s get together and make some music while I’m down there. Otherwise, just come pick me up and take me out to lunch……Patrick.

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