2006 Rehash

A lot of crazy shit has happened to Jessica Delfino in 2006.
Read all about it…if you dare or care.

1. Feb. 2006: Her boyfriend, activist and musician Christopher X. Brodeur was illegally sentenced to serve a year of his life at Riker’s Island on February 15, 2006. That’s not something that happens every year now, right? But she managed to get right on through it, now didn’t she?

More information about Christopher is available at: http://www.mayorbrodeur.com
And at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_X._Brodeur

2. July 2006: Jessica went, on invitation, to the Montreal Comedy Festival, aka “Just For Laughs” (or Just Pour Rire if you’re french) and showed her animated video/cartoon, “I Wanna Be Famous”, illustrated by Nick Fox-Gieg. You can see the video here, if you haven’t yet:


She wrote a story about her trip here:


3. August 2006: Jessica was invited on a cross-country tour as the opening act for The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and Mr. Corn Mo. During the tour, her boyfriend was released from jail (early for good behavior) 7 months into his stint, at which point he flew to Phoenix where they were happily reunited, in the midst of the tour.

4. Oct. 2006: Jessica’s video for her dance hit, “My Pussy Is Magic” was completed after much anticipation by her and much hard work by former Mad TV director, Matt Davis (who is now currently working as a director for the new Human Giant sketch comedy show on MTV.) It was uploaded onto Youtube.com where in less than four days, it was linked to by Comedy Central’s Insider website, Gawker, Fleshbot and other websites around the world. The day after Youtube sold their site to Google for $1.65 billion, the video was removed from Youtube. The name was changed the video was put it back up where it remained up from October onward, until just today, when it was noted it had been removed again.

5. December 2006: Jessica was getting ready to head out on her “Merry Shitmas” tour when a friend called the night before she left. He said, “William Donohue of the Catholic League denounced you and your magic pussy video in his press release!” Of course she was beside herself with delight upon hearing this confirmation that she was, in fact, “famous”, as William Donohue only denounces people who he thinks are famous so he can get some attention himself. Others he has denounced include Marilyn Manson, George Bush and Joan Osbourne. Read all about it here:


See his original press release here:


In other news for 2007, Jessica is negotiating a 2-CD deal with record label “Loudmouth Records”, and she is working on two books, and she is acting in a play called “Little Building”, (now in its’ 2nd run) written by Nick Jones of “Jolly Ship The Whizbang” fame. (www.thewhizbang.org) Nick and his play were praised in a recent New York Times article and she is delighted as slut-flavored punch to be involved.

Jessica Delfino is interviewed at the O’Debra Awards 2006, NYC, where she won an award for “Danielle Steele Award for Most Unbridled Passion”

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  1. Don Thieme says:

    “My Pussy is Magic” is back up again on YouTube. I just watched it. I just found out all about you, so I am adding you to my “blogroll.”

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