A Big Night Of Fun

Last night was a real hoot. First stop was Joe’s Pub with all kinds of great performers — Margaret Cho, who did a comedy song about how “You Don’t Lick My Pussy Right”, went on first. Next was Tom Shillue who told a funny story about how he almost became the new face for insurance with the character, “Justin Case” but was beat out by a talking duck that says “Aflac”. Jon Friedman had the best set of the night, in my opinion, with his funny opening joke about being the “and more” part of the show and a hilarious video where he dressed up like a chicken and interacted with a company picnic in the park. Next was Rachel Dratch who told a story that she asked the audience not to repeat, sorry! In all fairness to you and her, it wasn’t too crazy personal, but she obviously felt differently about that one, so just come to the show next time and get the goods for yourself. Finally was Mike Daisey with a really great and touching story about racial epitaphs and the trouble they can get you into when you put them on posters and hang them everywhere in the name of free speech. Kevin Allison produced and hosted the terrific show. I had a super VIP seat which allowed me to get some pretty sweet shots!

If only my fancy expensive Iphone had zoom or took better quality photos, you’d actually be able to see who is in those pics. Even my old Samsung junker from 3 years ago had a zoom on it. It’s like we’re devolving as a society in some ways. Maybe it’s a fun game for you to just guess.

Tim & Ellis were the seemingly improvisational musical interlude between acts, but after the show they told me they got their set list in advance, so I guess they just make it look that effortless.

I met up with my pal Jena Friedman who missed the show but arrived in time to walk me to Union Square on her way to see Jenny Slate’s show in Bkln. I wanted to go see it too, but I went my separate way towards the Saul Williams show at The Gramercy Theater (the old Blender Theater). I went there to meet my friend Cavasa who is playing bass in a metally punk band called Activator, which opened for Saul Williams as part of Afro Punk’s CMJ showcase. I showed up just in time to see them take the stage and rock it.

Cavasa rockin’ out!

After their set, I went downstairs to the VIP lounge but a very ugly bulldoggish man refused to let me enter the lounge. So I called out to my friend Chris Rock who was in there and said, hey! This guy won’t let me in! He punched the guy in the face and told the paparazzi to get over there and take a photo of us together.

He said, “No one fucks with Jessica Delfino!” The ugly bulldoggish man apologized and then was fired. And that is where my made up story ends.

I strolled out of there like a princess, hopped onto my bike and rode over to a photo studio around the corner for a night time photo session. I turned my “camera” on the photographer for a change.

Oh, by the way, here’s a new publicity shot — no my breasts are not fake (someone asked).

You can see more of his awesome photos here.

Sometimes I kinda like my life.

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