**GOTH AS FUCK with DAME DARCY comes to town**
**and other upcoming shows**
Last night I went to Seth Herzog’s Sweet, which has become my regular Tuesday night hang as of late. All the proceeds were going to Haiti. He was also having an American Idol contest and so, of course, I had to get up there and sing my favorite song, “Savin’ All My Love For You”. Zach Galifianakis or however the fuck he spells his crazy name snapped on my singing with an insult about adding powder to purify my voice. Fuck you, famous guy! I guess that was the whole gag of the bit was to insult whoever got up, but even Simon concedes now and then.
Another kid got up and sang too. I think I won, but Seth never disclosed the winner.
On the show were Colin Quinn, Jeffrey Ross, Seth’s mom and others. It was a great show as usual, and I got some really useful and interesting information out of a cute bartender about why bartenders give out free drinks and to whom.
Last night was an especially chatty night and I met several new friends, including this sweet gal Sarah who happened to have her ice skates draped over her shoulder like Tonya Harding or something. She got Colin to sign them using her handy travel sharpie she had on her person. What a lucky gal!
I also met this other lady Jeruschca I think her name was. She was dressed just like me, and had the same face of one of my child hood best friends. It was surreal.
My favorite gemini witch Dame Darcy is coming to town this week, like Santa Claus. Together, we’re producing a Naughty Nautical Nite at The Slipper Room, this time with the theme GOTH AS FUCK, featuring goth music, goth dress, goth burlesque and acts, and goth, goth, and more goth. Bust out the vampire fangs, listen to emo music on your way out the door, dress in black, lace and / or like a dead sailor, prizes will be given away for best dressed. $5 at the door.
goth burlesque, goth dress, goth music,
goth drinks, goth acts, goth raffle
dress to depress, win a prize
Doors at 8
show at 8:30 - 11:30
goth-y drinks after
167 Orchard @ Stanton, NYC.
Also check out the other upcoming shows on the right hand side of my blog. Highlights include Skits’N’Tits Feb 10, I’m guest hosting Jena Friedman’s Entertaining The Bartender and doing an out of town show in Boston, Mass, March 3. Also, a new SONG OF THE MONTH is coming out soon! If you haven’t already, join the Jessy Delfino SONG OF THE MONTH club today!! It’s free and easy.
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