Delfino’s Blog #29 in strange scientific / technological experimental comedian blog list?
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An afternoon with Greg Sestero

How did I even find this article? Was it because I was googling myself? No. I actually found it checking stats on my blog — someone had visited my blog due to that link. So, thank you Mo — you’ll find your retaliatory link both HERE and in my “PEEPS” section. Took me, jeez, almost 4 years to find the article! I wonder if my blog is still rated #29 of comedian blogs, etc, whatever. Read the story, here, which basically lists the 40 most popular blogs by and for comedians or some shit, according to Technorati / Mo Diggs semi-scientific / technological experiment. My blog was listed as 29 in this very specific study at one point.

So, how did YOU spend YOUR Wednesday? I had a lovely afternoon, giving a guided tour of my LES neighborhood to one Mister Greg “The Room” Sestero. We walked from Orchard and Broome around in a big circle, passing and visiting LES spots of note — Moby’s defunct(?) Teany, the store that used to be Paul’s Boutique, Economy Candy…

…Welcome To The Johnson’s, Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcake joint, Spitzer’s, Clemente Solo Vasquez, ABC No Rio, the ‘jects, the Williamsburg Bridge, through E. TriBeCa (that’s the Triangle Below Canal on the LOWER EAST SIDE, aka Lower East Chinatown), etc. We tried to visit the awesome Ale Et Ange but it wasn’t open.

Ale Et Ange is a store that is in a basement space on Orchard which belongs to a fashion designer who will blow your mind. The space is so well done — if you’ve never seen the place, drop by. The clothes are not for broke people, but they are really beautiful and worth every penny. When I get a cool bil, I’m going to have them make ALL my clothes.

We then we went to my local coffee shop, 88 Orchard, where Greg treated me to a cream cheese bagel (which we split) and a decaf coffee, and I thanked him by violently whipping his buns in a fierce game of afternoon Scrabble. I found Greg to be kinda brainy and clever, and he held his own at Scrabble. But I’m a super word whiz, and so I politely handed Greg his head.

Here, Greg looks slightly disheveled, having just been bludgeoned by my Scrabble wizardry and suffering from a bit of hat head which my faux cat hat has a tendency to do, but don’t let his haggard look fool you — in addition to being a star of The Room, Greg is actually a pro model. He happened to have his book with him so I took a peek through it and had literally ten minutes of fun coming up with captions to his multitude of sultry model pose looks. It’s kind of fascinating to me how pro models are as freakish as a side show act in their own way — rare, you can’t look away, etc — yet they’re infinitely better paid and surrounded by men and women who want to be them, bang them, or both.

After coffee and Scrabs, I went down to the South Street Seaport for a show I’m working on which has a retardedly rigorous rehearsal schedule, running through Feb, March and into April. I’m not used to dedicating all of my time to one show and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make all the rehearsals around comedy / music gigs. But this show seems really interesting and fun and unusual, and I’m very excited to see how it all pans out. And the other members of the cast are amazing. I will keep you posted as the details unravel.

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