Sat Jan 23
Glorious Comedy @ Poco
Ave. B and 3rd Street
New York , NY
11 PM
Cost: Free
Glorious Comedy, hosted by Dan Enfield and Abigoliah Schamaun
I will play a few guitar songs and ONE NEW SONG inspired by a real life “event” that happened in my life today, if you can even call it an event, but the days are all blurring together so badly that even the stupidest things register as an event these days.
I spent the day working in my studio, giving guitar and vocal lessons, and writing. It was a great day of good, productive work, but I didn’t really go outside at all, except to take my bike to the bike shop near my house (aptly named Da Shop) to get the rear wheel fixed where some nincompoop (yeah, I’m so mad I said it - nincompoop!) backed his (I’m going to assume it’s a dude) truck (also an assumption) into my bike, mangling my precious and much used bike basket, somehow popping my rear tire, AND knocking a reflector off my back wheel, costing me luckily only $20 to repair. STILL, it’s still $20 I shouldn’t have had to spend if not for the stupid obliviousness and carelessness of some dumb shit for neck who hit and ran, crushing my poor, undeserving bike.
Another bone to pick with the universe re: my bike — I’m getting really sick and tired of people using my bike basket as a garbage pail. Empty cups, cans, cigarette wrappers, plates, utensils, newspapers and more are waiting for me as my morning treats. Hey, Charlie, get your fucking crap out of my bike basket! Yeah, I said it, Charlie! Cause it’s probably a guy. And he’s probably Chinese. Because I live in Chinatown. And they don’t care about me or my stinkin’ bike.
Come see the show tonite! Hooray!
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