Is it a shot from a 1972 issue of Playboy? No! It’s a modern day portrait of the lovely house burlesque troup of Skits’N’Tits, The ChiChiones. Here, two are frolicking in the tub already, waiting for the third to get with the program and ditch the pesky party pooping robe. Things are getting misty in there — or smoky? I can’t tell. Either way, a hot time is being had in that photo. Does this photo make you salivate? Save your saliva! You can see them live at the next Skits’N’Tits, alongside Kristen Schaal, Dave Hill and others, on Wed, Feb 10 @ 10 PM, 308 Bowery.
This photo was taken by Alex M. Smith who has shot for the iconic Rolling Stone and other publications. You can see more of his work HERE. I love working with Alex. He doesn’t charge a ton of money and has a super high quality level. On his site are photos of Miss Exotic World Julie Atlas Muz, comedians Fred Armisen and Michael Showalter and other peeps you may or may not recognize.
Last night I was in the big opening number of the show DREAM ROLE, starring Katina Corrao, Sara Jo Allocco and Glennis McMurray. In the show were Andrea Rosen, Ann Carr, Tom Shillue, Rob Gordon, Sean Crespo and many others. It was a terrific night, each performer re-enacting songs and scenes from their fave films, as is the premise of the show. Fabulous! If I am ever on the show, I shall re-create Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It” or Bette Midler in “Beaches”. That last statement is all truth.
And I’ll leave you with this:
PARIS HILTON WORDS OF WISDOM — Paris lets you know how to find success. I actually appreciate this very much! Though it’s hilarious to make fun of her and it’s hard to completely sympathize with her, I truly am a fan of Paris, believe it or not. I have a few secret celeb creative crushes that you might not expect — also including Shakira, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and more.
Enjoy your Thursday, ya silly geese.
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