Controversial Interview
Can’t I just be myself without getting into trouble?
I really should move to the UK, where there are hot boob models on page 4 of the daily newspapers, beer for kids and industry people who appreciate a bit of sass.
I did an interview for an arts blog written by Lee Anderson which is sponsored by the NY Dept. of Cultural Arts. Unfortunately for Mr. Anderson, the Dept. was not pleased with the post, because I’m not a ballerina or a corny new age dancer. So please, if you are my friend and like what I do, go to the blog and write a positive comment about how much you love to see things of my caliber and how there should be more dirty folk rock in the world, or just use your own words, to help Lee not have his sponsorship taken away.
Thanks. It sucks to be an artist in a world where people who are in charge of art don’t get it.
Maybe if enough people express how much they enjoy all types of performance, the head art honchos of the US will allow America to watch more interesting and challenging performances in a wider array of public forums. Haaaahahahahahaha, yeah, right.
In other news, $kits’N’Tit$ (note my self-censorship) is coming up next Wed Aug 11 and on Thurs Aug 12, I’m performing at the Sony Music Gong Show @ BB Kings. Come to one, come to both, just getcher selves there!!
Finally, here are a few secret photos from the Curb Your Enthusiasm shoot — we were not allowed to have a camera on the set but Ms. “I’m a real outlaw what with my dirty words and my songs about things we all have and know about and have for most of our adult lives” Delfino snapped a few anyway. On my walk to the shoot I saw this sign on the street, that’s what happens when you shoot in Harlem / the Bronx and pretend it’s the Upper East Side.

Here, Larry and Susie “drive by”, well, they’re in a car on a trailer. They used a hybrid car in the scene, which I thought was really awesome. I think I read somewhere that Larry is a hybrid car advocate.

Here they are again, I always wondered how those shots were done, now I know. With about 15 people, a million watts of light and a huge truck.
Here are my two favorite people from the shoot, Shaina and Kyla, I’m saying and spelling their names from memory so I might be wrong. But we kept each other entertained and laughing through the exhaustive heat, blaring sun, long day and annoying nincompoops who tried to upstage Larry David. If you’re reading this, hey ladies! If the nincompoops are reading this, you are not funnier than Larry David!
Those were my Monday pals, I also met a sweet girl on the Friday shoot named Clara, I think, but I’m terrible with names / foggy minded from a long history of self-medicating. She was the best, so sweet! The holding area director guy had a talent show for the actors in the scene, so I got to do some of my stand up! He recorded it on his video camera, which I didn’t see him doing til after my “set”. I wonder what he will do with it?
And here was one of the best parts, catering with lobster, tuna and a delicious array of salad. I never get to eat like this, so I cherished this wonderful meal. Though I consider myself to be mainly a vegetarian, I eat meat maybe once or twice a year and was raised on seafood. I owe all I have to the bounty of the ocean, my father raised us by selling lobster and still does to this day. I do eat seafood now and then and I don’t feel great about it, but in the native american / hippie tradition, in addition to loving the taste of seafood, I appreciate the energy and life force I draw from it, and at least I am aware of that. Seafood is my Jesus, it died for my sins.
Sadly, I couldn’t finish the full plate of food, and was dreading having to chuck tuna and lobster, but they had to go containers so I got to bring it home!

Best day ever.

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