New Video, 2 shows on Fri + Old Dudes I’d Totally Bang

Hello reader, you’re looking dapper tonight, are you headed somewhere fancy? I’m going to guess no if you’re sitting around reading this blog. But it’s nice to dress up anyway. And if you’re just wearing a robe, well, pretend that you’re Hugh Hefner, or Greta Garbo in her dressing room or something, and you’re wearing a robe because of all the things you could be wearing right now, that’s the thing YOU CHOOSE to wear.

So, I’ve got a few little tid bits of news. For starters, I have a new video up on my YouTube channel. It’s a set I did in Philadelphia at Union Transfer as the musical guest of Stripped Stories. You can see said video here.

For the main course, I have two shows on Friday, June 29th, both in NYC, one uptown and one downtown. All the info is below. The 10 PM show will feature a new song: a new News Jam, News Jam #3. Not sure what the hell I’m talking about? Check out the 2 prior News Jam videos here.

Friday, June 29
Sex, Love + Comedy
Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center
133 W. 70th btw Broadway / Columbus
6:30 PM / $10

comedy news show + free booze
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, Manhattan
10 PM / $10

For dessert, I am quite sure I’ve mentioned this, but I’m a regular contributor to, a cool blog with a very long name. I like writing for the website, because I think it’s pretty awesome and I love Gavin McInnes and Derrick Beckles, but their commenters are the meanest people in the world and they don’t usually like me, so if you were to, I dunno, go over there and tell them they suck, it’d weirdly make my day. A new story I wrote is up, entitled “Old Dudes I’d Totally Bang”.

Enjoy, and I hope to see you somewhere real damn soon.

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