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Hey guys! What’s up? This past Saturday I won 2nd Place in the Coney Island Talent Show. Another girl and I split the prize but let’s not talk about her. She was a very talented vocalist and lovely, as well, but that’s enough about her. Back to me. We won money, some presents and I got to perform in front of a big crowd of people in front of the beach. I got heckled by a mean African American gentleman, so I told the audience he was my dad, insisted that I am indeed a person of color, and then went on to totally nail it with an award winning performance. I guess you could say I stuck it to the man.

So what else is new about me? I will be splitting the bill with Die Roten Punkte at Joe’s Pub this coming Sunday August 12th at 9:30 PM. Let me tell you a little about these guys. They are a “brother and sister band” from Australia and they are hilarious. I love them. You must come and see this show. You can get tickets here. Tickets are $14. That’s not very much.

This is kinda funny - Diet Coke had a Twitter contest where they asked people to tweet how they’ll celebrate Diet Coke’s 30th birthday. I said, “I’ll celebrate by ordering one at a diner and then neurotically asking the waiter 100 times, are you sure this is diet?” AND I WON! So Diet Coke is coming over tomorrow to give me my award: A 30 second party and a year’s supply of Diet Coke. Maybe some other stuff, too. I’ll keep  you posted.

OK that’s all for now. Let’s talk soon, k?

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