Lots of Exciting News

Today, I was interviewed for Raw Dog Comedy Channel on Sirius XM by Mark Seman / Mark Says Hi. The interview and two of my songs, including a rare live acoustic guitar version of “I’m Going To Commit Suicide (To The Song You Wrote
About Me)” will air this coming Sunday night and Monday. While I was waiting in the lobby, I noticed they had a photo booth in the waiting room, just for pure entertainment purposes. Is every business turning into Google? Maybe. I thought it was the coolest
thing. I’m a sucker for a free photo of myself or a free anything, really, especially snacks/booze, especially in this city where my rent costs more than both my parent’s houses mortgages (I’m assuming). So I dove in and got goofy, which is my preferred way
of waiting for anything, ever.

I appreciated that photo booth very much, and I decree that all corporations implement fun devices such as crochet lessons, glitter glue stations, juke boxes, DIY waffle griddles, taco trucks, Snoopy Snow Cone machines and anything else that makes a 3-5 minute wait that much more bearable. We Americans should not ever have to sit still! EVER!

Mark and I talked about all kindsa stuff, including the NY Funny Songs Fest, which is
coming pretty fast. See more details about that here.

In addition to this good news, I want to share that I have a few fun shows coming up this week!

I’ll be performing twice on Wed, 1/23 at Fontana’s at 7 PM in Lauren O’Brien’s Love Fest, and then later around 9:30 at the Beatles Complete on Ukulele at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. It’s a DaDa show and I’ll be singing I’ll Follow The Sun in a…very special way.

Also, this coming Monday, 1/28 I’ll be at Symphony Space on the Uptown Showdown with Kurt Metzger, Baratunde Thurston and others, so definitely
come see that.

OK, that’s it for now, thanks for reading!

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