So far, it’s been a pretty bad ass Tuesday

JD on big ol’ sexy Symphony Space banner with a few pals

Last night, I performed at Symphony Space’s Uptown Showdown, and it was pretty much just the funnest thing ever. It’s a debate team style comedy show. We debated which was better? The past or the future? We lost, defending the past. It was mostly Kurt Metzger aka Archie Bunker’s fault for alienating the audience with his angry but admittedly hilarious quips. I wrote a new song about the future coming on your face which was nasty but entertaining. I slept in this morning and woke up happy and smiling over memories of the fun time I had last night.

Here’s some cool news - I got a sweet little mention in the NY Times today after doing a
performance at an awesome, illegal underground bar in Greenpoint that went out of business the day after I performed there.  (They knew it was going out of business, it
wasn’t my fault, I swear!)

And hey! This Friday, come check out the TIMBRE! show at 134 W. 29th Street, starring
Dave Hill, Matt Graham, Selena Coppock, Adam Lerman and more. You’re going to love this show, it’s fun, short, hilarious, awesome and free, and in a beautiful bar. We ask audience members to give us feedback on quality control surveys, and return the favor with useful info back, such as no fee $500 studio apartment leads, how to advertise on a billboard for free in Times Square, a free mini ukulele lesson and more. 6:30 drinks, 7 PM - 8 PM is the show. Be there.

AND, my friend Jena Friedman’s hilarious piece she produced for The Daily Show was in the Washington Post today, and also in the Washington Post today, my friend Matt Graham got a great review for his show.

Now, is that a bad ass Tuesday or what? 

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