Gearing up for NY Funny Songs Fest - Thu May 30-Sun June 2

Lots of exciting news coming towards you like a crazy train - one made of delicious caramel that won’t hurt you, well maybe just your teeth and a little light damage around some of the internal organs, but besides that, not a bit! You know what they say, “No pain, no gain”. But how did this all happen? I was trying to tell you about the festival!

We have a super cool video coming out very soon featuring Stuckey & Murray, Ben Lerman, Rob Cantrell, Jen Kwok, Carolyn Castiglia, Mark Douglas, Mindy Raf, Mel and El, Carla Rhodes…I know, can you believe it? It’s going to be amazing. Wait til you see it.

The gang’s all here and they’re ready to rock! Left to right: (top) Jessica Delfino, Carolyn Castiglia, Jen Kwok, Cecil Sinclair, Carla Rhodes, Mindy Raf, Mark Douglas (bottom) Rob Cantrell, Mel + El, Ben Lerman

In the meantime, we’re starting our fundraising efforts. All this business goes down on Monday. But if you are so excited to give you can’t wait to start, please give via the donate button below. All donations are tax deductible and go towards securing our super secret splendid sassy super headliner, as well as a slew of other surprises. S. sss. Check back on Monday to see the video!

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