New comedy video: NYFSF Public Service Announcement

Comedy music. It’s a real thing. Annually, a baker’s dozen comedy musicians are misunderstood by the generial public, including music bookers and comedy club bookers. They are like, “Are you a comedian or a musician? You’re making my head hurt.”

So, today, we’re here to focus on the message, “We’re comedians AND musicians. We are comedy musicians.” Check out our awesome public service announcement about this heart wrenching topic.

Another exciting memo: We have launched our fundraising campaign. Guess what? All donations are tax deductible, cause we’re awesome like that. We want to raise 8k so that we can pay some big fancy show biz stars to come and make special guest appearances. So help us by buying your tickets / festival passes in advance, and get rewarded with some cool stuff while you’re at it (like ukuleles, limo rides, etc).

Want to see our video with some extra goodies that didn’t land on the cutting room floor? Check it out, below. This video is 100% SFW. Yeah, can you believe it? It’s clean as my grandmother’s nut sack. You know, the one she uses to collect chestnuts off the ground from the chestnut tree. She washes it every night afterwards.

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the video!



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