South By South WOWZERS


The NY Funny Songs Fest hit the road last week to rock out at SXSW and to sum it up in 4 words, I’ll just say 1. It 2. Was 3. A 4. Blast.

A few New Yorkers even joined me in my adventures. Kelly Dwyer, Ross Plotkin and Camille Harris toted instruments, glittered outfits and themselves down to Austin and together, we promoted the mission of the Funny Songs Fest: to find funny musicians and to share funny songs. You can see our names below on Post-Its. Here’s a video that Post-It made for the NY Funny Songs Fest.


We performed at a bunch of venues, including The New Movement Theater, DailyMotion’s event at The Hideout, Austin Pride’s RAWK show, Buzz Kill at the Buzz Mill (a great comedy show) and other stages, living rooms, nooks and crannies. My dear artist pal (and our festival logo designer) Polina Vo and Camille’s mom and husband also came down to party with us.


Here is a photo of the cute fortune cookies Polina made to hand out to new friends.

Some of the highlights for the festival for me personally were hanging out with old and new friends at Esther’s Follies, hanging out at The New Movement Theater and seeing and meeting all the comedians there, Chris Gethard’s show where the audience turned him into a human sundae (and then got to take a bite), all the free yummy food everywhere (Late Night with Seth Myers gave out Shake Shack burgers and fries!).

Paul Provenza’s Setlist show was awesome and featured TJ Miller and others who were really great, the #KegsNEggs Comedy Central party rocked, free cab rides home by Uber after partying late into the night were much appreciated, seeing the last half of Hannibal Burress’s new movie “Live from Chicago” was awesome, hanging out with friends and seeing Chromeo at the Fader Tent, who I really  liked, attending the brunch music event at Four Seasons and seeing rapper Schoolboy Q at the Soundcloud tent. I also loved the trade show. The festival was just so much fun from top to bottom. So much good stuff happened, I can’t even really remember it all. But that could also be the booze. Though I didn’t drink a ton. Or maybe I did, who knows? Maybe all the alcohol I drank is just clouding my memory. If you’ve never been to SXSW, you must go next year. Just buy your plane tickets now.


Here I am having breakfast at the Four Seasons. No, I am NOT hung over at all. That band played at the music brunch. They were great. I forget their name.

Here are the donuts my friends and I ate at 3 am at Gordo’s evil donut truck.



Here is a very handsome man who gave the festival attendees free sausages.



Here are two of the breakfasts my Austin host made for me. Gotta love that Southern hospitality, RIGHT!?!


Here is the super awesome gentleman who gave me free rides all over Austin. Just because.

Here’s a little SXSW coverage video I had a cameo in.

Here is some local Austin art.


Here I am in a money booth, grabbing all the free money I could grab. Yes. That was a thing at SXSW. I snagged $25.


Here is my new Austin friend Chloe who I adore. We didn’t get to see 2Chainz but we will. Oh, we will.


This is a picture of a little guy who didn’t make it through the festival. RIP little lizard.

If you want to learn more about the NY Funny Songs Fest, you can visit our websites. We’ll be in Philly at the end of March, in LA at the end of April, in NYC at the end of May and Montreal at the end of July. Submissions are now open, by the way.

All festival long, people were making up SXSW words. Some worked, some didn’t. The free sausage truck I liked a lot did #SXSWurst. A comedian called the fest the #SXSworst. I overheard a passerby call it #SXSBreast. I titled this piece, #SXSWowzers.

Go on, add your own in the comments. You know you want to.

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