Neighborhood Casinos?

Walking around my neighborhood late at night, I keep seeing weird little casinos here and there. I am not sure if they are legal or not, but I see the door open and people playing cards and what have you. I want to stick my head in and ask if I can throw down a $20 but I’m afraid I’ll get yelled at in Mandarin.

Plus, I think that there’s a dress code to these places. I noticed that in Atlantic City, it seems to range from sun visors, pleated pants, fanny packs and nurse sneakers to straight up Armani suits. But in my hood, they are dressed up in that model-esque look of indie tee shirts cool hats.

Besides my neighborhood and Atlantic City, where else does one gamble? I remember seeing slightly covert yet quite visible casinos in Ireland, we all know that cruise ships are essentially floating casinos, and who of us hasn’t heard of Mohegan Sun? Yet you apparently can also gamble online if you don’t want to have to look at people’s horrible faces. I can totally relate. One place my friend loves to online gamble at is I’ve really only ever gambled with my dad and other drunk dudes in the form of basement cards at family gatherings. I remember playing a card game with my dad where he was dealing. I’ll never be able to wash the sound out of my ears of him exclaiming, “In this round, Soul Sistas are wild, talkin’ bout black queens!”

I was thinking of having a birthday party at one of the local casinos in my neighborhood if I can make it work. If not, maybe I’ll just have a casino themed birthday party. That’d be fun. I could make one of those spinny wheels (is that Craps?) and have a pro dealer. I could insist on 70s polyester wardrobe only and play the movie Casino on a big screen. I actually met a pro casino card dealer once at one of my shows. She made serious bank and said she dealt at private parties, too. I like the idea of calling my birthday party, “Oh, Craps: A Whole Nother Year, GONE!”

Some back up options are,

“It’s Jessica Delfino’s Birthday Party, DEAL WITH IT!”

“She’s Quite A Card: Jessica Delfino’s Birthday Party!”

“Her Slot Is Still Magic: Delfino’s Turning 30 something!”

I think the first one (Oh, Craps) is my favorite.

What would you call my Casino themed birthday party? Answer in the comments below. C’mon, you know your idea is the best one of them all.

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