Big Secret Hush Hush Ssshhh Shut Up CD Release Party

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Saturday, June 28th
$10 includes CD + food
Pre-order your CD here (out of town, too)
email $10 to jessdelfino at gmail dot com
**Secret location will be sent out to you**

Want a little sample? 
Free song download:

Guys! Guess what? I’m so excited about my new CD coming out. I haven’t put out a CD in ages and I’m psyched about this one. Is it going to be a big hit? I’ve been doing this for long enough to know that the chances of that happening are a) almost zero, b) unimportant and c) I don’t care anymore. The TRUTH is that there’s nothing else I can do in this world but what I do. I’ve been fired from every job I’ve ever had, and connecting with people through music, my art and my mind is my life and my passion. I am thrilled if you appreciate what I do. And if you don’t, you know. Fuck off and stuff.

I just want the people who like my music to have the CD, and I want to have made some more art to add to this sinking ship before it goes down in flames. Maybe some day, an alien will find my CD in a thrift shop on Mars and think it would make a super cool coaster.

Regardless, I have something special planned, because I like special stuff and surprises and stuff. So, please save the date and pre-order a CD so I know how many CDs and how much food to feed you. Also, please note if you are a carnivore or a vegivore or a veganvore.

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One Response to Big Secret Hush Hush Ssshhh Shut Up CD Release Party

  1. Hey Jessica! I am in for this event too. Not sure if this goes to your email, but if it does, awesome! Look forward to this event!

    Oh, and if I need to say it, I’m a carnivore. 🙂

    Can’t wait to be there!


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