I’m tenaciously trying to win Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme theme song contest


JD St Marks Theater
What does one do upon returning from a successful 2 week UK tour to a massive city where she falls through the cracks like an ant trying to maneuver the Manhattan sidewalk? She waits til no giant feet appear to be coming and runs into a crevice called comedy. Doing comedy in NYC is like being a cigarette butt in the ocean. There are shit tons of them and only a few cigarette butts actually wash up onto the shore. Several exes have told me that my analogies suck but I still make my attempts.
Doing comedy in a giant mega city has it’s challenges, but there’s still something very comforting about it or else I wouldn’t have been doing it for all these years. But lately L.A. has been whispering to me. I went there last March to film a segment in Dr. Demento’s documentary and I enjoyed the city so much, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back.
Thurs, Oct. 23, in fact, is when I’ll head back, to do a show at Comedy Central Stages, featuring a bunch of material from my new album, “Songs To Make War To: 14 Anarchist Anthems For The Whole Family”. I also have a new batch of funderwear, because I sold out of all the ones I made for my tour. (Yesss!) Tickets are free and the details are on my calendar.
Another reason I’m going to L.A. is because I really want to go enjoy Festival Supreme, a comedy music festival that Tenacious D created a year after I started the NY Funny Songs Fest.

Festival Supreme Theme Logo

Their festival is what mine was supposed to be, but they have oh so much money and so many more way better connections than I do. For the past two years, I’ve been dreaming up ways to get into that festival. If only I had a good agent, maybe they could make a plea for me. But I don’t. I considered emailing them myself as I do for all my bookings, but decided against it. Then this year, they opened a festival theme song contest. Many people entered, myself being one of them. Today I started in last place and I am now in 4th place. But I need your votes, and I need a lot of them. And I really want to win. The person in the lead has twice as many votes as I do.
I used to win contests a lot, like I was finalist in the Andy Kaufman Award contest twice, and I won the Emerging Comedians NY comedy contest, and I won a Village Voice Choice award, and I was a finalist on ABC’s Good Morning America Make Us Laugh All Night Long (which actually was filmed during the day…) but I guess in general, I haven’t been as contest-y as I used to be. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a big win here, though, because it sounds like it’d be an awesome thing to win.
I am going to Festival Supreme whether I win or not, but it’d be extra fun to be there as a performer, not some hot dog eating “punter” as the Brits call them.
Here is my video link. Please pardon my shamelessness, but maybe you can vote for me and ask everyone in your office and in your family to vote for me. The girl’s video who is in the lead was featured on a pretty big comedy website and so I guess I gotta up my game-just sitting around hoping that my song is the best one is obviously not going to be the way to win this thing.
Here is a direct link to my entry song and video:

 Go on, share it on Facebook and Twitter and stuff. You know ya wanna. And thank you.

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