I Wore A Hazmat Suit on a Plane from JFK to LAX And Here’s What Happened

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I flew from JFK to LAX last Wed Oct. 23rd wearing a hazmat suit on the plane. Read all about what happened here, on xoJane.com.

Please donate money to Doctors Without Borders if you haven’t already, and if you already have, please do it again, if you can. Stopping the spread of Ebola at it’s start is the best way to keep it from spreading any more, and donating money to the cause will help to get and keep the resources and people that need to be there, there.

If you are in NYC, please consider going to this awesome benefit.

Lastly, if you’re going to say some shit like, “she’s making Ebola all about her”,
Ebola IS all about me. And it’s all about you and everyone else, too.

I’m a comedian and an artist, and a performer and an activist, and a witch and a big sister and a (harmless) weirdo, and this is what I do.

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