Thanks to the internet, I got to talk to Megan Amram today

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Dava Krause as a dude in our little video shoot.

This morning, I woke early. I exited my apartment to find that the weather was pleasant; warm as a hooker’s laurels, in fact. I skedaddled to the subway as fast as my legs could make my bike take me and hustled out to Bushwick to arrive 15 minutes early to meet a friend, comedian Dava Krause to film a video for our internet based show, “28 Rulz of the Internet“. It went well and was fun and easy. The end.

Then, I shared a cab back to Manhattan with the director. His name is Shane. He is pretty bad ass. I forgot to tell the driver to take the outside lane so I had to boogie back to my office from a little further away, but I made it in time to do a sound check for a Huffington Post Live segment where I would be allowed to ask Megan Amram a question.

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Megan Amram is pretty funny, confirms most of the internet.

Ha! Jokes on them, I asked two. You can see the full interview here. If you don’t know who Megan Amram is, ask Uncle Google, OK? She’s a Twitter success story with a bajillion followers. She has gotten job upon job from being funny on Twitter (such as a writing job on Parks and Recreation) and now she has a book out called, “Science For Her!” I’ve been doing comedy for 14 years. I’ve been pitching a book for the past several weeks and have gotten about 10 big fat “go fuck yourself”‘s. But I have two potential publishers who are still thinking about it, so my fingers are crossed so hard they are doing something like rug-burning each other.

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Megan Amram, my new boss

Suffice to say, since Megan and I are both super funny and super successful, we hit it off super well. She hired me on the spot with no samples or credentials to write for her new TV show called “Pussy” on Comedy Central which hasn’t started yet and may never start. Amy Schumer apparently battled it out with Comedy Central to be able to say “pussy” on her show because you can say “dick” and that’s fine, and she WON. So now, it’s cool to say “pussy” on Comedy Central, and I’m pretty excited about that because this. So now that I have a big time comedy writing job for a TV show called “Pussy” that Megan Amram is starting that may or may not and more on the not side will ever actually happen, life is pretty great and all my problems are solved. The end again. In fact, I like the idea of having a show called “Pussy”, and since Megan is super busy, I think I’m going to just start it, and if and when Megan comes around and wants to get involved, I’ll have already started it up for her.

Last of all, yesterday I roasted Fred the Elephant Man, a wack packer from The Howard Stern Show at the Comic Strip in NYC which was a cross between one of the most fun and saddest nights ever. But, how could it be both, you didn’t ask? I guess you would just had to have been there. I’m going to upload a video of my set soon, so turns out, you didn’t necessarily have to be there. A good time and a lot of straight up LOL’s were had by all. OK, the end, again, this time, for real.

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L: I basically verbally shit all over a poor schlub with a speech impediment on his birthday for fun because someone asked me to
R: Mike Lawrence and the audience seem super entertained and possibly also a bit ashamed by whatever is going on

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L: Meatloaf-I mean Nicole Bass showed up for the roast
R: Fred and me hang out before the show

Check out my calendar for this week’s shows and let’s be friends on Twitter and Facebook and iTunes.


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