#TBT To Beat The Band: Here I Am, Immortalized Lurking Behind Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers Jess Jena Daniella

An old pal of mine from Maine found this photo taken at Michael Musto’s 50th birthday party (by David Shankbone) and sent it to me tonight. I wasn’t expecting to see it, and it took me back to a time when I shared the planet with one of the world’s greatest comedians. It almost looks like I have stink face in the photo, but that’s just my face. I photograph like my face is broken, every time. The truth of it is, I was in awe and admiration that I was getting to stand so close to this comedy idol. We share a birthday - June 8th - and I always felt a special connection to Joan Rivers. I met her at IFC (Tanya O’Debra took me to see her documentary, “A Piece of Work” and she came to the screening. She was so kind to me and to everyone there. She gave me comedy advice and stayed around to talk to everyone and shake all our grubby, desperate hands. I’m so happy to have this photo and though I only got to meet her a couple times and briefly at that, I will miss her for the rest of my days.

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