Presenting The Unicorn in Chinatown


I have been performing in NYC for the last 15ish or so years and I love being here! I love the Lower East Side where it meets Chinatown, where I have called home for over the last decade. (I call it Lower East Chinatown.)


I’ve watched it change, and I’ve been part of that change. And now I’m going to be even more of the part of that change. As condos and Starbucks enter the neighborhood at a spectacular rate, I am bringing an indie performance space to the neighborhood and calling it The Unicorn. It is a unique, creative space and there is nothing like it in the area. By day, music lessons, classes and events will take place. At night, performances, readings and shows will happen. Most will have a musical or comedic slant. The space will also be available for rentals.

The Unicorn Card

It is located at 105 Henry Street in a former Chinese bodega that I’ve remodeled, and not to toot my own horn, but it looks amazing. I am having a party on Thursday May 7th, swing by and check the place out. On Saturday May 9th, I’ll have an open house event. Do drop in and sign up for a guitar, ukulele or music lesson, or talk to me about an event that you’d like to produce. Check out our wall of instruments and say hi.


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