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A few weeks ago, I took my “Human Jukebox” jam party to the internet for the first time and I’ve been delighted by the response. Turns out people dig covers, which is why wedding and bar bands are bringing in the big bucks. And I LOVE making fun of covers so it’s a copacetic relationship.

I am lucky (?) to have a crazy good ear; I have an almost photographic memory for music. Any song that I’ve pretty much ever heard on the radio, even just a time or two, I remember. I remember the chords, the lyrics and can figure out how to play it on guitar or ukulele (and sometimes piano, singing saw, etc) with ease. If only there was a way to be the first to monetize this billion dollar industry in the making!

For the past few years, I’ve been honing this nearly useless skill. That’s not true-there are uses to it. For example, who entertains the family at Thanksgiving with ukulele karaoke? This girl. Who uses the skill to help her many music students play songs that she can’t find the chords to line? You’re looking at her [blog]. That’s right. Moi. Who has started doing the Human Jukebox on Periscope for the masses? I did!

I call it “The Human Jukebox” and turns out, it’s super fun, and other people besides my mom and all my aunts enjoy it, too!

Below is a PDF document of all the songs that were requested and many of which were played in today’s episodes of The Human Jukebox on my Periscope feed. There are also some shout outs, rules to the game and more.

Human Jukebox 8.3.15 PART 2

What songs would you have wanted to see get played? Do you want to toss some out? Easy! Follow me on Twitter / Periscope @jessicadelfino and jump on next time. I have been doing Human Jukebox a few times a week because people seem to dig it. I like to do it around lunchtime and around 8 PM. Days vary but I’ll have a schedule up soon.

Catch Human Jukebox LIVE! Check out the calendar at and stop by The Unicorn when the live show is on. I do it every Monday night at around 8:30 PM, and on Periscope a couple times per week. August 16, I’ll be doing a staged version of a related show called “Great American Wrong Book” where I play songs and make fun of them.


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