Happy New Year, Y’alls

I haven’t been updating my blog much lately because I’ve been keeping busy writing a new blog on Medium called One And Done Mom about being a new mom of just one baby. I also tweet at @OneAndDoneMom. There’s also a Facebook page. No bigs, but I’m a top writer in the Parenting section over there which is a nice pat on the back for a weary new mom. #HumbleBrag #2015Hashtags

I’ve been doing a lot of writing for other publications, as well. I wrote a cover story for High Times about Moms Who Smoke Pot and am currently working on some other stories about parenting. But I made time to mosey back over because I wanted to wish my blog readers a happy new year.

So, here it is. Happy 2018, friends. As I look back on the year, I note that it was one of the harder, if not hardest years of my life. I recovered from a c-section surgery and struggled through postpartum depression and anxiety while caring for my new baby, watching him grow from a helpless infant to an extremely independent toddler. I shelved one iteration of me to allow for a new me to unfold. I came to terms with the fact that I will only ever have one baby. I wrote a ton and sold my first cover story (to High Times). I watched my husband’s work grow and collaborated with him on some great projects. I am down to the weight I was my junior year of high school. Life is not ever simple or just easy, but things feel mostly stable for now. This year, my hopes are that I will continue to support myself through writing and creative endeavors, spend lots of time with people who I love and work to be a great mom and wife to my little family. That’s it! See yous around the internet.

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