Get To Know Me If You Dare


About Jessica Delfino

Hi. I’m Jessica Delfino, an NYC based comedian, musician, performer and writer who plays many instruments ranging from the flying V ukulele to the rape whistle. I grew up in  Damariscotta, Maine and went to art school in Philadelphia where I studied animation. I decided to try stand-up comedy when a comedian I met said females couldn’t do comedy. I soon moved to NYC, started playing chess a lot and performing at comedy clubs and on any stage I could find. That morphed into playing music into the subway. Then I began bringing my guitar on stage and making videos which led to me getting publicly denounced by the Catholic League, and banned by Youtube, and then unbanned. I’ve performed on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, The Sundance Channel, Fox News’ “Red Eye”, in the Reading & Leeds Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Fest, Dublin Comedy Festival, London’s Soho Theatre and I’ve had a whole ton of fun and adventures. It hasn’t all been rainbows and unicorns, but even the shitty parts are probably better than your job. 

Want more? See my Wiki page to get the whole story.