My graphist's website - He's a french boy working on his own and trying to make it out independantly. He wants to work only with artists, because like he says "Artists are more open and humanly interesting than Nike or General Motors...I think he's an ass (joking o'course). He offered me the site.Nice.

Johanna Buccola's blog - Johanna is a good friend of mine who helped me a lot with my show at UCB. She is a very talented and funny performance artist who does really great characters. When we get together, we laugh a lot and talk about how stupid boys are.

Ned Vizzini's Website - Ned Vizzini is a friend of Touching You. Ned writes novels and he is young so I think it is cool that he is an author at such a young age. He is cute, too. I think he and my sister would be a nice couple.


The (Liquid) Tape Deck - This is the website of one of my new favorite bands. The Liquid is silent.

Reodorant - My friend Joe's website - it has lots of funny and disturbing comics and writings on it. If you like dark, depraved humor, this is gonna be your shit.

Bad Dentist - This is a very unusual website - Someone started a campaign against this dentist because he fucked up lost of people's teeth. Good reading. Info you should know if you live in NYC and go to dentists.


Bar Mitvah Disco - A lesson in Jewdaism from a friend of mine who's also a comedian. Funny pictures.

Julie Klausner - This is what super talent looks like.

Laurie Kilmartin - We share the love of the rape joke.

Chelsea Peretti - Chelsea is hard to be friends with, but I like her anyway.

Josh Wade - The kind of guy girls want to strangle and make out with at the same time.

Victor Varnado - One of my favorite people or persons. He moved to LA but he'll be back.

Jim Norton - He's funny, he's gross, he's Jimothy Norton.


David's Blog - Home of "The Official Record" - interesting point of view regarding politics and entertainment.

Abby's Blog - My sister's blog. She's the smartest, bitchiest person I know.

Brodeur For Mayor - Christopher Brodeur is running for mayor. Very interesting.