My friend Sine has a great sample sale in TriBeCa. The clothes she sells are so beautiful. I wear a lot of them on stage and her designs are some of my favorite articles of clothing. They are the ones that I get the most compliments on of all my clothes. And I have a LOT of clothes.
If you would like to get some great deals on some lovely clothes, stop by Sine's sample sale. Coats, dresses, scarves, knits, accessories, handbags. Sine's clothes are sharp, sexy and sophisticated. She accepts credit cards too!

Go visit her lovely showroom, have a glass of wine and try on some clothes in a comfortable, laid back environment. Tell her Jessica sent you for an extra discount...

Sizes 2 - 12

Prices start at $10 and go up!

Sineh D Designer Showrom
151 Hudson Street (corner of Hubert)
Suite 3F
Nov. 10 - Dec. 14 -- every day, 11 am - 6 pm

Tel : 212-431-4840