Comedic Discovery of the Month" -- Comedy Central

"High Times Unsigned Band of the Week" -- High Times

" * * * 1/2 [out of 4]" -- Jane Magazine

"Fetchingly filthy. . . . Some of the most nasty, offensive, degrading and genius comedy you'll see all year." -- New York Blade

"Best Potty-Mouthed, Guitar-Slinging Comedian" -- Best Of 2005 , The Village Voice

"The Lower East Side's folkie queen of obscene" -- The Village Voice
"Jessica Delfino is a delightful young lady who likes to sing whimsical songs about her vag. She's sassy!" -- VICE Magazine

"Let me be absolutely clear about this, without any exaggeration: If you had to pay one live human baby in exchange for a ticket to her show, it would be worth it. More than worth it. . . . The songs are written and performed by Jessica and are hilarious. They're so funny that no word exists to describe them." -- The Triangle, The Student Newspaper at Drexel University, Philadelphia

"We were immediately stuck to our seats stunned and smiling as Jessica Delfino engaged us in tune after tune referencing her, and others, vagina(s)...She is funny. And smart." -- Thurston Moore & Byron Coley, Arthur Magazine

"She's a brilliant writer." -- Wil Wheaton, Wil Wheaton dot Net

"Jessica Delfino is a comedian-songwriter who can warble with the earnestness of a folksinger while elucidating the finer points of oral sex. A cross between Redd Foxx and Jewel, Delfino sincerely strums her guitar in time to funny, often dirty lyrics with a well-practiced deadpan." --The Onion A.V. Club

"Hilariously ribald." --

"Jessica Delfino has sang, da
"Legendary" -- The L Magazine
nced, and comedianed her way to LES notoriety--some feat . . . . Plan to squirm, laugh and perhaps squirm again." --
Time Out New York

"Adorably twisted. . . . Alternately sexy and hilarious. . . . Delfino captures such painful truth [that] you can't help but simultaneously laugh and sigh." --

"Jessica is not the only the guitar welding comedian, but she may be one of the most original and outrageous." -- Kernan Andrews, Galway [Ireland] Advertiser

"[A] comedy rock star. . . brilliant comedian/musician Jessy Delfino." --