Dirty Folk Rock Fashion

Dirty Folk Rock + Fashion on eBay!

Tampon Ornaments

Tampon Ornaments Now on Etsy!

Jessica Delfino's Etsy

Queen of Obscene T-Shirt

Queen of Obscene

This tee shirt is so super soft! Get one so that when people see you walking down the street, they’ll hesitate to make eye contact.
$15 (includes shipping.)


 I Wanna Be Famous CD

I Wanna Be Famous

My newest CD has 15 tracks including “My Pu$$y Is Magic”, “I Wanna Be Famous” ,”The Rape Whistle Song” — and a poster!
$10 (includes shipping.)

Or buy it on iTunes
by clicking here
Dirty Folk Rock

Dirty Folk Rock

This CD has 8 hits on it, including “Lullabye”, “Jessica Jokes” and a cover of “Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden.
$10 (includes shipping.)

Holiday EP Perfect Holidays

Holiday EP
Perfect Holidays

This CD is all about the holidays and how very perfect they can be.
$10 (includes shipping.)

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