HOT NEWS: #WomenInComedy2016, Kotex Period Pop-Up Shop, NY Funny Songs Fest + more


I haven’t seen you in awhile. You look thin! Is everything OK?

It’s been a pretty dope April-May, I have to say. Besides the fact that I’ve gained 15 pounds or so due to this impending baby (dropping late August), I’ve still managed to get some work done.

photo by Mindy Tucker, taken at Littlefield for #WomenInComedy2016

In April, Mindy Tucker, Marianne Ways, Carol Hartsell and a bunch of other ladies and I pulled off the first #WomenInComedy2016 photo shoot of over 200+ female comedians in the same room. It was a total blast, and here is a story about it in the New York Times, and some pictures, to prove it. You can read more about it here.


My little music school and theater, The Unicorn, also celebrated 1 year in business this past month. [Bedford + Bowery]

This Friday, May 13th, I will be part of the first Kotex Pop-Up Shop comedy show in downtown Manhattan with Sue Smith and many other comedians and I am bloody thrilled. (Sorry, sorry!) If you love period jokes and humor and stories, this is gonna be your spot. (Can’t stop, won’t stop)

Next week, May 19-21 is our 5th and final NY Funny Songs Fest. The line up is incredible and has over 60 comedic musicians performing in every genre from ska to classical to pop to Irish ballads. It’s been a great 5 years! Help send us off with a bang by buying 1 stinkin’ ticket to a show of your choosing. Shows range from $0-$10 and some include pancakes. (ok, ONE)

My last piece of news for today: (but don’t worry, you’re going to hear a lot more about it in the coming weeks. Oh, you weren’t worried? Cool.) Please save the date and buy an advance ticket for my comedy special, “Before My Water Breaks” which I will perform at Joe’s Pub on Sat July 23, 8 months pregnant. It follows me on the journey from empty to full wombed and involves finding a husband on Craigslist and all kinds of fun stuff. NOT TO BE MISSED.

OK, talk to you soon!

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