One And Done Mom

I’m a comedian, though I don’t get on stage as much as I like to or used to any time before I was 8 months pregnant. I am a writer, an artist and I make tampon ornaments for the holidays every November 1 through Christmas and sell them on my Etsy page. have a small booth where I sell antiques and other odds and ends. I teach music lessons - ukulele, guitar and vocals. Shit, I do lots of things. And now I am a mom blogger. I have had a blog-this blog, in fact-since 2006, I think. Heck, maybe earlier. I have been writing with passion and love for the craft since I was a kid and think it is the root of my music and my comedy, as well, and one of my main strengths. I started writing mom blog posts on my personal blog here but I wanted to build a special home for my mom blog, so upon the suggestion of a friend, Mandy Stadtmiller (who is also a writer, an excellent one at that and one who has a book coming out soon) I started my mom blog, One And Done Mom. In it, I chronicle the adventures of being a parent of one child only. One husband, one cat, one baby. I also started a Facebook page and a Twitter page to go with the blog. Please join me there.

(This is not the actual cover of the issue I’m in)

As a side note, I have a story coming out in High Times’ February issue (on news stands this December) about moms who smoke pot. Please buy 10 and stick them in the stockings of all your stoner mom friends. THANK YOU.

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